PopCode Sticker - 10 Pack

PopCode Sticker - 10 Pack

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  • PopCode Stickers are 2 x 2 inch tappable stickers that can be placed ANYWHERE around your business. Each PopCode Sticker gets activated individually, so each sticker can link to a different profile (or the same profile if you want). With just a tap or scan, your a PopCode Sticker can direct customers to:

    1. 💸 Make Contactless Payments

    2. ⭐️ Leave Five Star Reviews

    3. 📱 Follow Your Social Media Accounts

    4. 📧 Join Your Customer List

    5. 💻 Visit Your Website

    6. AND MORE


    The other person doesn't need an app or a Popl to receive your info!

    Want free PopCode Stickers for your business? Check out Popl Teams

  • PopCode Stickers work on all phones using both its NFC capabilities and built in QR code. PopCode Stickers use our new QR code activation to connect to your profile. This easy set up is available in the Popl App.

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